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Park Point residents see uptick in trash, drinking

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DULUTH, MN. -- Budget cuts due to COVID-19 have left Duluth beaches a mess.

City officials said due to a reduced operating budget, there are no park rangers patrolling the beaches, doing daily tasks like picking up trash, and keeping an eye on things.

The Park Point Community Club said they needed help from the city to limit the amount of trash sitting around the beach.

They said the city responded quickly, adding an extra portable bathroom and moving trash pickup on the point to twice a week instead of once.

"Our park point residents do try and clean up along the beach and clean up our own area if not try and walk down the beach and pick up as we go. It gets kind of overwhelming after a while," said Debora Bernick, a Park Point resident.

Bernick said she's fed up with what she's witnessed this year, which she said included someone throwing a dirty diaper into Lake Superior.

"I think they are just so happy to be out and about and we enjoy having people down here its just take your stuff with you when you leave," added Bernick.

However, the beachgoers we spoke with on Wednesday said they are making sure they pick up their trash and put it away.

"There's a sign that says take out what you bring in or carry out what you bring in or carry out what you carry in type of deal. We even acknowledged that on our way walking in today seeing that sign. I think most people are pretty aware of what's going on and taking responsibility for keeping the beaches clean," said Joe Ederer, a Duluth resident.

There is no word on when park rangers will return to patrolling Duluth beaches.

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