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Duluth teen hit by motorcyclist during weekend protest searches for answers

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DULUTH, MN-- A dramatic moment caught on cell phone video during a protest in Duluth over the weekend has one family trying to track down more answers.

16-year-old Blue Snow-Szukis was struck by a motorcyclist who drove through a crowd protesting for change in the BLM movement.

"I got up and I was like, hey! did everybody just see that? That guy just hit me," said Snow-Szukis.

Snow-Szkuis caught the incident on his smartphone by chance.

"I stood back to get a picture of everybody and document what was happening because you have to film everything these days," said Snow-Szkuis.

He was one of several dozen people who took to I-35 Saturday protesting the murder of George Floyd. Cars attempted to navigate around some of the protesters.

"I thought maybe this motorcycle in the distance was somebody who needed to get through so I got out of the way and he swerved and hit me," said Snow-Szkuis.

After the shock and adrenaline left his body Snow-Szkuis said he checked to see if he was physically ok.

"His wheel hit my leg, which hit the metal plate I have right here," said Snow-Szkuis.

The metal plate he got during surgery to de-rotate his legs last November.

Even though Snow-Szkuis says he's okay, his mother Amber Snow is hoping the driver steps forward.

She filed a police report on Tuesday.

"An apology would be nice, just an acknowledgment of what happened and that was a wrong thing to do. Or maybe press charges," said Snow.

Both she and her son feel the act was far from an accident.

"I ride a motorcycle myself so I went through frame by frame to see how the maneuver was handled, where the rider was looking. It was a tactical way to kind of get to Blue and at least knock him over," said Snow.

In the meantime, Snow-Szukis says he plans to get back up and keep fighting.

"I am willing to use my privilege to help those who need it."

Duluth Police said Wednesday night they've been able to identify the jacket the motorcyclist was wearing but beyond that, they say it's difficult to identify the make and model of the bike or the driver.

For now, they've closed the investigation into the incident.
You are asked to call the police if you have any information.

Lyanne Valdez

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