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Get Outdoors: Preparing for mountain biking in Duluth

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With warmer temperatures here and spring foliage blooming, the start of summer recreations has commenced. And one local guide company is ready for a busy summer.

Jake Boyce, Co-Owner of Day Tripper of Duluth, said "Day Tripper is open this summer. We are doing definitely a limited schedule. Just a few tours a day, just one of each activity."

Day Tripper guides kayaking, canoeing, hiking, and biking trips. Co-Owner Jake Boyce says he's already had a surge of business with the warm weather.

"Now people are starting to think about traveling again. Keeping trips short and getting a lot of inquiries from people from the cities and things like that." said Boyce.

One activity that seemed to shine during the quarantine was biking.

"Biking numbers are Way up across the country. Being that bike trails are excellent and Duluth definitely seeing more people out on the trails now more than last year." said Boyce.

Before you hit the trails, there are a couple things you should check on your bike.

Boyce explained, "Check your tire, make sure its firmer than an orange and softer than an apple. While you're at the back tire just spin it and make sure the brakes not rubbing. Grab the front brake and make A little 'C' right here around what's called a headset. You can wiggle that and see and hear that there's no movement there."

Duluth bike trails are maintained mostly by volunteers with COGGS.

To ensure the trails are open and in good riding condition, you should also check trail reports before heading out.

"Just use official COGGS stuff. They have pretty good Twitter updates is how they usually do it. There's a link to all those trail conditions on the Day Tripper website under trail conditions " said Boyce.

Day Tripper also does one-on-one courses to enhance your mountain biking skills. For more information, CLICK HERE

Meteorologist Adam Lorch

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