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Nurses union concerned as Minnesota prepares to lift ‘Stay at Home’ order

ST. PAUL, MN -- Governor Tim Walz allowing Minnesota's "Stay at Home" order to expire Monday has prompted the Minnesota Nurses Association to share their concerns.

Walz announced Wednesday that he signed a new order to allow the state's retail stores and other businesses to open at 50% capacity starting Monday.

He also announced restaurants, bars, gyms, and hair salons can open June 1 if they develop a safety protocol.

The Minnesota Nurses Association (MNA) representatives said they have reservations about the decision, warning officials of what they described as personal protective equipment supply issues and testing shortages across the state.

Mary Turner, president of the MNA, said some hopsitals are still rationing equipment because new supply lines have not appeared in state warehouses.

"Nurses believe that the decision to turn the dial to re-open Minnesota requires every Minnesotan to turn the dial to find more PPE, more beds, and more tests while protecting healthcare workers and each other," Turner said.

Union members added that failure to protect healthcare workers and each other could result in a spike in cases and overload hopsitals.


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