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Northland Steps Up: ‘Superior Gift Card Club’ raises big money for local businesses

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SUPERIOR, WI -- Folks in Superior have taken a unique, increasingly popular approach to helping support the city's businesses.

Weeks ago, a Facebook group called Superior Gift Card Club was started leaders in the business community.

Stacey Minter is one of several people who helps run the Facebook group.

They buy gift cards from local businesses and raffle them off on Facebook.

It is an idea that popular in a hurry.

"The group grew really fast. So fast, the boards were filling in a matter of minutes and we knew that this was something a lot of people wanted to be involved with," said group administrator Stacey Minter.

Here's how it works.

The group buys a $100 gift card from a local business.

Then, there are ten boards available for ten people to buy, at $10 per board.

When the boards are full, the gift card is auctioned off.

And some gift cards go for a lot more than that.

"Some are $200, some are $300, some are $500, some are $1,000," said page administrator Sara Schubert-McKone. "There's a 143 businesses on our list."

143 Superior-area businesses being lifted up by the group and its members.

The project has already raised more than $50,000.

"Now they need our help," said Minter. "And this is a great way to do that from our homes, from behind our phones and our computers."

If you search for the group on Facebook, you will not find it.

You have to be invited by someone who is already a member.

The admins say that is in large part because they already have a hard time keeping up with the demand.

The boards and auctions will not stop until they have a hard time filling them.

Right now, they are still filling up within five or so minutes.

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