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A sigh of relief for Duluth businesses following Governor Walz’s lifted restrictions

Governor Walz announced on Thursday afternoon that he's loosening some restrictions on how non-essential businesses can operate.

"This little bit of opening here is a piece of hope that we all need," said Karin Kraemer, owner of Duluth Pottery and Tile.

Kraemer said her business has taken a hit since having to move everything online.

But with this latest announcement from Governor Walz, she's hoping for some normalcy back in her life.

"So if we can carefully do this, and be kind to each other, and be appreciative of the things we all do for each other, this is a great first step," added Kraemer.

Not only are local businesses benefitting from this slow lift, but salons are also now allowing you to get your favorite hair products curbside.

"We have been shipping all retail products to people's homes, just for their safety, and to avoid contact," said Brianna Honer, owner of Color Lounge.

While Color Lounge can't fully open their doors yet, she's happy to get some employees back on the job.

"We haven't done any curbside pick-up really yet, so we are going to have to work out the kinks on shifts, and different things to arrange for people to pick-up if they wish," added Honer.

Kristi Stokes with the Greater Downtown Council says the longer this stay at home order continues, the harder it gets for businesses, but she is hopeful that they will come out on top when this is all over with.

"Will we lose some? We don't know. It's a very real possibility, the longer that this occurs and as we even try to look trying to get back to a new normal, it is going to be a real change for a lot of our businesses," added Stokes.

Stokes adds that if this stay at home order does go into the summer months, the Greater Downtown Council is already thinking of creative ways that businesses can interact with customers to keep the downtown area alive.

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