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Concentrated Employment Program, helping those get back to work

NORTHWEST, WI-- Thousands of people around the region are now unemployed as work shuts down due to the pandemic.

Northwest Wisconsin's Concentrated Employment Program wants you to know they are still able to help.

CEP is a private non-profit corporation.

They're not meeting face to face right now, but say they are still available to talk over the phone or online. This program is to help people who have lost their job and what to do next.

"This can be a stressful time for people losing their job but also losing their health insurance so we can help people with that too. We have a team of very dedicated career planners and assistant career planners, work readiness specialists who can assist people with some job coaching, resume help, interview help," stated Skyler Dural-Eder, Human Resources Representative.

For more information on the services provided by the CEP click here.

Kaitlyn Moffett

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