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New Hermantown restaurant struggles during partial closure

the social house

HERMANTOWN, MN-- Many businesses are currently struggling during the COVID-19 pandemic, but what if you're a business that just opened up less than a year ago?

One of those businesses is called The Social House, which has been serving Hermantown for about 8 months.

According to owner Matt "Bert" Berthiaume, they were just starting to gain some momentum before Governor Tim Walz ordered the closure of all restaurants and bars to dine-in customers.

Berthiaume says he was hoping to rely on income in February and March to buy patio furniture for the summer. Now, they're relying on take-out orders to keep the store running, like many other businesses.

"We want boost those takeout orders and hopefully people are comfortable enough to swing out. I think we just gotta keep our head high for every restaraunt owner, every bartender, every staff member, just keep your head high we'll get through this," Berthiaume said.

Walz has ordered the closure of restaurants and bars to dine-in customers to last at least until May 1.

Hunter McCullough

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