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Housing task force makes recommendations to address affordable housing shortage

DULUTH, MN -- Six recommendations have been sent to Duluth's mayor to help address the housing shortage in the city.

In the fall of 2019, Mayor Emily Larson created a housing task force.

The idea is to address homeownership issues facing those that make $50,000 a year or less. That's half of Duluth's population.

The results of their findings have been released, which include the following.

• Partner to Create a Housing Trust Fund

• Loan Guarantees

• Land Donations

• General Obligation Bonds

• Revenue Bonds

• Assistance for Homeowners to Improve Use of Existing Space and Create Additional Units on Their Property

The task force says they believe their ideas offer a limited but positive contribution to a much broader community discussion on housing.

Below is the full report:

Reporter Anthony Matt

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