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Nation-wide Bear Hunt: Why you’ve seen teddy bears on window sills lately

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DULUTH, MN- The Wourms family has been in quarantine for about a month.

"We are starting to go a little stir crazy," said Hermantown resident, Janelle Wourms.

It's been the hardest for 5-year-old Kate.

"Kate being in preschool, she's missing her preschool buddies and having a hard time understanding why they can't come to her birthday party," said Wourms.

Janelle carried a heavy heart, leading up to her daughter's birthday.

"Honestly the night before I was depressed feeling like I didn't have anything special for her for her birthday," said Wourms

That's when Wourms heard about the nation-wide teddy bear hunt.

Families are getting creative by putting teddy bears outside of their window sills.

"It was totally impromptu, we texted a couple of friends, jumped in the car and within 30 minutes we were off in an adventure," said Wourms.

The whole gang was off, "in a car parade" as they described it, even connecting with their friends virtually.

"She (kate) was able to facetime with her best friend Cameron and we drove around Proctor real slow and we counted the teddy bear in all of the windows," said Wourms.

In total, they not only found more than 200 bears on their journey, but a little joy too.

"We are on a joy hunt in the midst of this too in how we can share the joy with others and how we can find joy in the midst of times where we maybe feel anxious," said Wourms.

If you would like to participate but don't have any teddy bears below is a link where you can download, print, and color pictures of bears!

5-year-old Kate with her bear

Lyanne Valdez

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