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Your Green Life: Duluth company now treating surfaces for COVID-19

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DULUTH, MN-- What's on that surface?

It's a fair and familiar question these days as the Coronavirus spreads across the Northland.

A Duluth indoor air quality specialist wants to take your potentially grimy, infected surfaces and turn them shiny and germ-free.

Green Home Solutions, a company that typically works to purify air quality among homes and businesses, is switching things up as the community shuts down due to a growing pandemic.

"We mainly deal with mold, bacteria, odors, allergens, and biological contaminants," said Steve Stern, owner and president of Green Home Solutions, Duluth.

Stern recently announced his company has several specialized indoor disinfection services to treat surfaces for active viruses and bacteria.

"Right now they're a lot of questions about spaces. Are they clean? Are they safe? Who's been in them? This is a great way to reset any environment that's had virus concerns."

He said his services go beyond typical cleaning services which often use bleach-based products. "One of our products has been tested against viruses like COVID-19 and meets the EPA kill claim requirement which means we're able to kill viruses on hard surfaces, as well as sanitize fabrics and soft surfaces."

The business offers three different levels of disinfection services for your home or business. Stern said which level you choose will depend on your specific needs and suggestions.

The company also lives up to its name of "green." All cleaning supplies are plant-based and chemical-free.

Stern said "they're all safe for humans. I mean I'll drink a shot glass of it right if you want."

According to the owner, the company uses the same system hospitals use to disinfect their spaces.

Stern stresses here in the Northland, communities should be taking all the precautionary steps to minimize the spread in our area. "The larger, more high traffic spaces we treat, the bigger difference we can make."

He says most disinfecting services can be completed in one day.

The price of service depends on square feet of treatment space.

If you're interested in an assessment you call Green Space Solutions at 218-576-5293 or visit their website here.

Jessie Slater

Evening Anchor and Reporter

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