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Duluth Korner Store steps up sanitization amid pandemic

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Korner Store Owner, Derek Medved sanitizes gas pumps

DULUTH, MN-- While hundreds and hundreds of businesses are shut-down across the Northland some are considered essential and remain open.

Among them, gas stations and convenience stores.

The Korner Store in Gary Duluth has always practiced shop hygiene but now during a global health crisis, they are stepping things up.

Korner Stores owner, Derek Medved said, "we're using bleach and more sanitizing wipes and stuff like that. So bleach is the scent of the day for Korner Stores."

Being an essential business, Korner Store employees have personal contact with customers daily.

"It's kind of that more difficult thing for us to have that social distancing when we have the customer face-to-face," said Medved.

Wiping down counters, keypads, and sanitizing every half-hour is the new normal.

And outside the shop, "twice a day we actually we have been disinfecting the pumps. We disinfect the handles, wash the screen, wash all the buttons and just wipe everything down.

Experts say another way to avoid exposure is by paying at the pump to limit person-to-person contact.

Medved is asking customers to use common courtesy. "Not only can the gas pumps be contaminated, everything else in the store can be so just please don't touch things if you're not going to buy them and be respectful of the next individual coming along in line."

Essentia Health's Emergency Preparedness Director, Kim Johnson urges everyone to practice basic cleanliness.

She said, "We really want people to be washing their hands, keeping those basic hand hygienes. A situation where you're not touching your face, you're not touching your eyes after using the pump."

Though Medved's stores are open for business, he's encouraging everyone who can to stay home.

He said, "Please just wave through the window. We would love to see and talk to you but we will see you when the grass is a little greener."

The public is discouraged from traveling to places like gas stations unless you are considered an essential employee.

You can find a full list of businesses considered essential here.

Jessie Slater

Evening Anchor and Reporter

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