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COVID-19 becomes personal for Mayor Skalko

MOUNTAIN IRON, MN -- Mountain Iron's Mayor is taking coronavirus personally and says you should too.

Mayor Gary Skalko says he doesn't want to cause panic, but he wants to make it clear, the virus can impact small communities too.

His grandson returned to Duluth after a trip earlier this month and started showing coronavirus symptoms like fever and difficulty breathing.

He wasn't able to get tested and was told to self-isolate for 14 days.

Mayor Skalko says it's time to be realistic about what is going on.

He also says snowbirds will be traveling north and could bring the virus with them.

"It's a legit concern that we have to be aware of because it's not like we don't know; anyone one of us who we've been in contact with or what and that's alarming. So like I said its uncharted waters and we have to be united and work together on this thing.", Stated Mayor Skalko.

The city of Mt. Iron did issue an emergency proclamation on Friday, closing all public buildings, and giving residents extra time to pay their electric bills.

The mayor also said his grandson is on day 11 of quarantine and seems to be recovering well.

Kaitlyn Moffett

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