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St.Louis County gets public comment on refugee resolution

DULUTH, MN-- During Tuesday's county board meeting, several community members share their support for allowing refugees to live within the county.

County commissioners listened to more public comments on the refugee resettlement resolution.

The resolution comes after President Trump asked counties across the country to decide whether or not they'd accept refugees within their borders.

Vern Wagner, a life-long county resident who spoke at the meeting said, "refugees coming to the community are proof they are hard-working people."

Wagner also said, "You don't risk the lives of your family and your children with very little money to come up here, without having a drive and a work ethic."

County commissioners tabled the vote at last January's meeting.
Only a handful of people spoke out today in comparison to January's meeting where people spoke for over three hours.

"I'm a welcoming person, and the more you give in life the more you get back. That is going to be the truth with us. The more we give, the more we'll get back," says Wagner.

Everyone who spoke at Tuesday's meeting supported the resolution.

The vote has been tabled until its next meeting in May.

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