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Local police share warning signs to be aware of after Milwaukee mass shooting

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SUPERIOR, WI -- Wednesday's deadly workplace shooting in Milwaukee that killed six people, including the gunman, has left many wondering how they can prevent something similar from happening where they work.

We spoke with Superior Police Department Detective, Marc Letendre, who studied mass shootings during his time in grad school.

He said he is saddened to see another mass shooting, especially one in his home state.

Letendre said he doesn't know why many of these shootings are happening, but he offered some tips to prevent them.

He said the warning signs before the shooting occurs might be more obvious than you think.

"Several months prior to actually acting out like this, they give a lot of verbal warning, they have actually said to someone out loud that they know and care about, how angry they are, how upset they are, and they can do violence," said Letendre.

Letendre added that according to FBI statistics, 95 percent of the time the shooter will actually tell someone they are going to carry out a mass shooting.

He stressed the police are there to help, and you should always contact them if you hear or see something out of the ordinary.

Meteorologist Alex Libby

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