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Fed and Focused snack drive helps local elementary school

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SUPERIOR,WI-- Goldfish, pretzels, and much more.

Snack time for the students at Northern Lights Elementary school just got more tasty and fulfilling thanks to community leaders.

Mayor Jim Paine and city council members got the idea after attending a local event where students at the school were in need of afternoon snacks.

"We put a call out to the community, really just a quiet little thing on social media," says Paine.

That quiet call turned into the Fed and Focused snack drive, helping the Superior school with the highest poverty rate in the district.

Several thousands of dollars worth of donated snacks came pouring in.

Paine says they were happily surprised with the results.

He says, "We figured we would need about a month, month and a half to complete the drive. We didn't, this was ready to go in a week."

Retired Superior teachers John and Ruth Ludwig were among the first to donate.

Ruth who taught at the high school says teachers typically buy snacks to have in the classroom.

"No matter what classroom you step into, the teachers always have snacks for the kids. I know I always brought snacks," Ruth says.

John adds, "We always enjoy trying to help other people. It's just one of those things when you get our age and you have a chance it's just great."

The Ludwig's and other community members who donated say they know it will make a difference for these students' educations.

"We realized there was a need in our community and a need all over in every community," says John.

School and city officials say they plan to continue the Fed and Focused snack drive expanding into other schools within the district.

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