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Iron River Elementary receives national award


IRON RIVER,WI-- Celebrating excellence, high achievement, and filling the gap.

That is what the staff and students at the Iron River Elementary school are doing.

"The test scores over a three year period and the students at the Iron River Elementary had multiple years of great student achievement," says Maple School District Superintendent Dr. Sara Croney.

That high achievement earned them recognition on a national level by the National Association of Elementary Secondary Education.

Brad Larrabee, the school principal says, "They have an award ceremony every year that recognizes the highest performing and also schools that achieve great accomplishment, working with students in poverty or closing achievement gaps."

Making them the only school in Wisconsin to earn the award.

Larrabee says, "Which is really powerful because it puts us on a national level and speaks to how we are doing things here in the school district of Maple."

An achievement everyone in the community is celebrating.

" I think it's a big deal for our community, for the teachers, for students and also parents," says Heather Miller whose children attend Iron River.

A team effort all around.

"A culmination of fabulous teachers, parents, students, and administration," says Dr. Croney.

School officials traveled to Washington D.C. to pick up the award.

The Iron River Elementary school has also been the recipients of the Blue Ribbon School Award which recognizes schools for academic excellence.

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