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Alex Libby


Alex is not from the Duluth area. He's not even from MN. Alex has lived his whole life in Maine in an area just north of Portland, aka; Freeport.

Alex studied Meteorology at Plymouth State University in New Hampshire. That's also where he minored in Mathematics. Meteorology has been of interest to Alex since he was just 5 years old.

Ever since Alex could walk, he played hockey. That could be why he has a strange love for the Northlands winter weather. But hockey is not his only hidden talent, Alex also spent some time playing baseball throughout college at PSU.

Embracing the cold and getting to report on the weather makes being far away from home not so bad.

When Alex isn't in the newsroom he enjoys searching for agates along Lake Superior and skipping rocks along the North Shore. 

Story ideas you think Alex would like to hear, email him at:

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