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19th annual Polar Plunge hopes to set a fundraising record

DULUTH,MN-- Plunging into Superior Bay in 20-degree weather for the 19th annual Polar Plunge.

"It was actually a really good year, there's been years that it's been a longer recovery when you get out. This year has not been too bad," says Alyssa Martin who's participated in the plunge for 10 years.

And it's all for a good cause, all proceeds raised go to the Minnesota Special Olympics.

Volunteer Ryan Temple says, "It helps families of athletes in the Special Olympics program not have to pay for the expensive travel, sporting events, and those types of things."

'To know that 100% of the funds are going to those Olympians and to see their faces and their families faces it means so much," says Martin.

The plunge is organized by local law enforcement every year.

And this year those involved are hoping to reach an important goal.

Temple says, "If we raise over $200,000 like our goal and I think we should easily reach that. We're going to raise a total of two million dollars since we started this plunge 19 years ago."

Due to construction on the Lake walk, the plunge got moved to Park Point.

"It's turned out to be a great site, it's working well for us. We're actually thinking this might become our new home," says Temple.

Some groups who participated raised several thousand dollars alone.

For more information click here.

To track the amount of money raised, click here.

Emma Quinn

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