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Hayward students are getting career path ready

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HAYWARD,WI-- From elementary school to high school.

Academic Career Planning is a statewide initiative implemented by the Wisconsin Department of Instruction.

Aimed at getting them ready for life after graduation.

The Hayward School District has a different spin on ACP and preparing even the youngest hurricanes.

Every Wednesday students in the Hayward School District are asked a question, "What's your plan"?

"We wanted to make sure that every one of our kids is career and college ready. So we branded it as what's your plan? With our goal meaning every student in the Hayward school district with an individual road map to get to their goals," says Superintendent Craig Olson.

A road map of long and short term goals for students starting in kindergarten.

And ending in high school where seniors have opportunities for internships and job shadows.

Helping them figure out what's the plan.

Senior Nel Hanson says, "You have an idea, you don't have to be panicking at the last second. Am I going to college, am I going to take a year off. Definitely having a plan makes things roll a lot more smoothly."

Several technical programs are offered at the high school for students in carpentry, they graduate with their diploma and a technical degree through Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College.

Cole Haines, a junior at Hayward High School says, "It's a really nice thing to do, and we don't have to pay as much money as before. And then we already have of it done, so it's kind of a head start above everybody else."

Senior Tiler Roberts adds, "You get it for free and you have a teacher who's willing to help you every step of the way. It's awesome."

Easing stress about knowing what to do and helping students financially.

"Having as many students that we can possibly have leave here with some sort of college credits. One it saves them money, two they're closer on that road map to their plan," says Olson.

The Hayward School District partners with WITC for the technical degree program.

This is the second year ACP has been implemented in schools around Wisconsin.

Emma Quinn

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