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Duluth has seen five straight years of tourism growth

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With help from events like the Duluth airshow, festival of sail, and Bentleyville, Duluth set another tourism record last year, which is a five-year trend.

In 2019 the city of Duluth raised almost 12-and-a-half million from in tourism tax.

That's 2 percent or 243-thousand dollars higher than 2018.

The city has seen tourism growth every year since 2014, but the amount of the growth each year is actually decreasing.

For example, from 2017 to 2018 there was more than a 4.7 percent or 548 thousand dollar increase.

Kate Van Daele with the city, says one possible reason for a decrease in tourism tax growth last year may have been all the snow we got at the end of the year and Bentleyville being forced to close for several days.

She also says greater increases year-to-year can be attributed to how well the economy is doing at a given time.

But Van Daele says any increase is a success.

"They're some of the best restaurants in the state, and that's something that we're really proud to continue to uplift and we're excited that not only residents but tourist want to go to those places and they all the great food they have to offer." Said Van Daele.

The Duluth tourism tax is collected from money spent at restaurants and hotels.

That money goes to city run attractions like the zoo and the aquarium.

Meteorologist Alex Libby

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