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Get Outdoors: Indoor Archery

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Archery is a sport of concentration and steadiness, but it's pretty hard to be steady when you're shivering in the cold weather.

In this weeks Get Outdoors, Meteorologist Adam Lorch visits an indoor range where archers can practice in comfort.

The winter can be tough as an outdoors-man, especially for those who want to continue to practice their archery skills.

Dale Kuhlman, Shop assistant at Custom Archery said, "It's hard, there's nowhere to go outside and shoot. I have a range in my backyard but it's closed until The weather melts the snow."

Thanks to a Custom Archery in Superior, there's always a place for an archer to practice.

Randy Graber, Owner Custom Archery, said "It just keeps people shooting all winter, instead of just going outside and It just keeps people shooting all winter, instead of just going outside and freezing They can come in here and shoot and Have a good time."

Randy Graber not only has a shop for all the essentials, but an indoor range and winter leagues to practice.

"I go through and set them up and make sure that the trees are just off a little bit so you can get a good shot in there and make it more like a hunting situation. and so if they hit the tree the arrow is gone. Yup gonzo." said Graber.

There are between 80-100 people in the 3D league. 3D targets offer a more comprehensive test of the shooters skills versus just paper targets.

Kuhlman said, "It makes it fun, keeps it challenging. for the guys that hunt it keeps you proficient with your shooting so it's very enjoyable."

And in the shop you can find everything you'll need to start the sport, from the arrows, to sights, and even the newest technology in compound bows.

Graber told me, "This is the cam and so once you get it to 3/4 draw it's going to roll over. On a re-curve or longbow you're actually pulling the same way all the way through the draw cycle."

After a quick lesson and about a dozen practice shots, even I was able to start drilling targets on the 3D range!

Kuhlman said, "It's just really great to be able to come indoors and have varied yardage's and tight shots and everything it just makes it a lot of fun."

For more information on the Custom Archery shop and the leagues available, CLICK HERE

Meteorologist Adam Lorch

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