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Duluth lawmaker requesting $100M to complete Twin Ports Interchange project

DULUTH, MN -- A Minnesota lawmaker is pushing to secure additional money for the upcoming Twin Ports interchange project.

Representative Liz Olson's (DFL-7B) bill requests $100 million in bonding dollars to cover the amount the project was over budget.

MnDOT announced late last year it would defer work on sections of the project after the price tag rose to $443 million.

Those sections left on the table include reconstruction of Garfield Avenue and rebuilding the Highway 53 Bridge in Lincoln Park.

The dollars would come from a pot of money designated for the state trunk highway system.

Olson is requesting a hearing on the bill.

Representative Olson is also seeking funding for the Mission Creek project along Highway 23 in the Fond du Lac neighborhood of Duluth.

In 2017, MnDOT crews working on a bridge replacement project there uncovered native burial remains, prompting crews to stop work and begin restoration efforts.

Olson's bill requests $4.5 million to cover design, engineering and reconstruction or replacement of the bridge.

Kevin Jacobsen

News Director

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