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Former Ashland officer pleads no contest to alcohol-fueled joyride

ASHLAND, MN-- A former Ashland Police officer who admitted to driving off in someone's car after a night of drinking, pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge.

According to court documents, the incident happened in April 2019.

A gas station surveillance camera showed Officer Ty Juoni pull up in a stolen car.

Court records show he later told investigators he was out for a night of drinking, didn't remember taking the vehicle, and woke up the next morning in an alley.

Douglas County District Attorney Mark Fruehauf charged Juoni with misdemeanor driving without the owner's consent, also known as joyriding.

Monday, Juoni pleaded no contest.

In exchange, he won't face prison time and the incident won't go on his criminal record so long as he follows certain conditions for one year, which includes treatment.

Juoni retired from the Ashland Police Department before charges were filed against him.

It's unclear how this plea deal impacts his pension.

Bonney Bowman

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