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Minnesota Power, environmental group responds to Nemadji Trail approval

DULUTH, MN-- On Thursday, Wisconsin's Public Service Commission gave their approval for the proposed Nemadji Trail Energy Center in Superior.

According to the press release, the next step is obtaining permits from other various Wisconsin agencies. If all permits are obtained, the natural gas plant will be online by 2025.

Amy Rutledge, Minnesota Power spokesperson, says these permits ensure there will be no harm on the environment.

"All of these permits require extensive and thorough environmental review, so we will continue to work with those various agencies on answering those questions, ensuring that we are mitigating environmental impacts", Rutledge said.

The Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy says even though Wisconsin gave its approval, they're calling on Minnesota regulators to continue to take a second look before making any decisions.

"Regardless of the Wisconsin decision, the Minnesota Court of Appeals has revoked a critical approval that Minnesota Power would need for the proposed gas power plant. The Court confirmed that our law requires review of the proposal's effects on the climate and on the environment before Minnesota makes a final decision, and we will continue to focus on that key Minnesota review", a spokesperson with MCEA said.

Rutledge said Minnesota Power plans on asking the Supreme Court to review the decision made by the Minnesota Court of Appeals.

Hunter McCullough

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