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People around the Northland share New Year’s resolutions

DULUTH, MN-- Ringing in a New Year often comes with new motivation.

Many people sets goals and ways they hope to personally improve in the weeks, months, and year to come.

For some New Year hopefuls, increasing hobbies and skills is a must.

Nick McCormack said, "My resolution is to learn how to cook a bunch of new things, maybe make a new meal every month or so as well as possibly owning my own business."

Other's had health and fitness on their minds.

"Committing to six months and then my goal is 30-pounds," said Calley Kohlhagen who is doing a weight-loss program with her boyfriend.

Her boyfriend, Johnny Mitz said, "I plan on losing 40 pounds in six months and I guess just try to be a better person for 2020."

For some, it's more about living it up.

"Ultimately just to drink more beer, have a good time, enjoy life," said Jackon Anderson with a beer in hand.

One woman hopes to take daily stress out of her life. Jeanne Kelcher said, "it's not very green and it's not very political but I'm going to use more paper products. Paper plates, paper towels. Because I have a busy family life and I'm always doing dishes so I decided to make life simpler."

But for one couple, it's all about commitment to each other.

"I've had the same resolution for 45-years, and that resolution is to is once again, to remain married to my wife," David Johnson said while his wife wrapped her arms around him and laughed.

Reminding everyone, no matter how big or small, you can achieve any goal you set your mind to.

Happy New Year!

Jessie Slater

Evening Anchor and Reporter

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