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Get Outdoors: Ice Check

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Twin Ports-Well it's been an interesting start to icefishing this year. We've had some great days to start but then Of course we had the blizzard and a couple other snow of course we had the blizzard and a couple other snow storms. So I kind of messed up the ice and I brought all my gear out today, we're out here on fish lake by the dam. And we're going to check the slush and ice ratio out here for you guys.

So this is what we're dealing with.

Four or 5 inches of ice followed by about 3 inches of water. So I'm gonna continue to drill down and we'll see where it's at.

So about 11 inches of solid ice underneath all that slushy stuff.

All right onto the next Lake.

All right now we're down in Wisconsin actually at Amnicon lake, never been down here myself. So let's go out there and see what the ice conditions are like here.

We will drill in and see what we find. Not too much snow, maybe three or 4 inches of snow.

Definitely got some Definitely got some good slush. About 6 1/2 inches of ice. And then it goes down into probably an inch or two of water.

There's that first ledge. And that's going all the way up to the skimmer which should be about 16 inches. Five or 6 inches of ice. 2 inches of water. And then about 10 inches of ice underneath that.

The reason why we have a layer of water in there is because The blizzard dumped a lot of snow on the ice and that snow weighs a lot, so that ice will sink down a little bit and almost create a little bit of a bowl. Water goes back up and sits on top of the ice.

What happens was this was mostly slush and then the cold air hit and it froze some of that slush but It can't get that bottom layer. So that's why were still seeing a little layer of water under the ice.

All right there's a look at a couple of lakes in our area at least within about a 30 mile radius of the twin ports is what we're seeing for ice conditions right now. But of course check with your local shops to get all of the latest information because the weather can change those ice conditions pretty quickly.

Authorities say it's still a good idea to keep larger vehicles off the ice... and always be sure to check in with resorts and baitshops for current updates.

***Measurements were taken 12/19/19

Meteorologist Adam Lorch

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