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Sean Duffy sits down in an emotional interview to explain his resignation

(WAOW)- Sean Duffy has been representing the people of northern Wisconsin for nearly a decade.

The long hours and multiple days each week in Washington D.C. will come to an end so he can be home during the toughest time for his family.

“All of that together, I didn’t think that schedule with this issue we have in our personal life would work for the family so on the professional level it was hard,” Duffy said.

Duffy took to social media earlier this week saying he needs to devote more time to this 9th baby due in October, who has a heart condition and will need open-heart surgery shortly after birth.

“With my departure I can’t tell you how it speaks volumes on who is here and how my family has been treated by our people,” Duffy said.

Duffy said it’s been an honor of a lifetime for a small-town guy like him to serve the people of northern Wisconsin.

He was widely mentioned as a possible candidate for U.S. Senate.

However, that looks like it is at a standstill for now.

“Ill have to figure out something else to do but just not with this schedule so I don’t know what that is,” he said.

As for who should take his place, Duffy said he wants to see a republican replace him.

“I think you are going to see a lot of money come in from the outside, this could be a 25 million dollar race,” he said.

However, he isn’t quite endorsing anyone at this specific time.

As for the millions of dollars raised from his campaign, Duffy said he will put it aside for now.

He has the option to donate it or save it for a future political run.

Krystal Frasier

Social Media and Digital Content Manager

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