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Saxon Harbor rebuild near completion 3 years after flood

SAXON, WI — Three years ago, a deadly severe storm devastated communities across Northwest Wisconsin.

Saxon Harbor was hit particularly hard, but now, things are finally looking up, as the town’s marina is set to reopen in the coming days.

“The storm was 4 to 6 hours of rain and it was just hard to believe that that amount of rain had happened in that short amount of time,” Iron County Forest Administrator Eric Peterson says.

Peterson says crews have been working tirelessly day in and day out to get the harbor back up and running.

“Having the marina re-opened is going to be a huge milestone for not only Iron County Forestry Department, but for the public that utilizes this facility,” Peterson says.

In an effort to prevent future damage from happening, crews have built the County Highway A bridge to be more than twice the size of the old one and have changed the location of the stream.

“A lot of those mitigation things were stuff that we had to go find grants for or pay for out of Iron County’s coffers,” Peterson says.

A $14 million project that Peterson expects will be well worth the investment in money and in time.

“There’s been a lot of different people that have been working very hard on this project to get it done as fast as we could,” Peterson says. “Even though three years doesn’t seem like it’s fast, given this whole project and the scope of it, I think everybody’s done a good job to get that done.”

Officials say the marina will be opened to the public by the end of the week — just in time for Labor Day weekend.

Meanwhile, the campground is expected to take another year to complete.

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