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Pigeon Lake residents work to keep homes above flooding waters

DRUMMOND, WI — Residents on Pigeon Lake continue to be plagued by flooding.

On Father’s Day last year, the town of Drummond was drowned with 18 inches of rain. Now, some residents are taking measures into their own hands.

“We just got to keep persevering and trying to move forward,” Pigeon Lake Association Secretary Mary Hayes says. “Even though it’s slower than we would like it to be, I don’t think giving up is a good option.”

Hayes is currently raising her home to keep it above water.

“The house is 10 feet up in the air beyond where it used to be,” Hayes says.

A forward-thinking project.

“We had to make a decision pretty quickly to either take our chances with black mold forming in our crawl space … or to lift the house and try to protect it for the long term,” Hayes says. “When I’m done it will probably be a $70,000 project.”

For some, homes and cabins are already underwater.

“There are some homes where it is too late,” Hayes says.

And for others, Hayes says it’s too steep a price.

“We have a number of full-time residents here that are elderly who obviously can’t afford to do that or, if they do, they’re going to need to take a lone out,” Hayes says.

With no inlet or outlet on the lake, plans to find a permanent solution are being discussed.

In the meantime, Hayes says she will continue to try to stay ahead of the curve.

“So far, you know, emergency management and the state of Wisconsin has got nothing, and so we’re all left on our own to do what we can do or feel we must do,” Hayes says.

Bayfield County, the U.S. Forest Service, the DNR, and the Pigeon Lake Association are currently looking into options to manage water levels.

They have discussed the possibility of installing a high-capacity well to pump the lake, which would cost over $1 million.

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