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Nurses Association reaches tentative contract agreement with Essentia

DULUTH, MN– It’s been a long time coming, but nurses and Essenita Health have finally come to a tentative three-year labor contract agreement.
“We’re just happy that we’re able to get back to focusing on world-class patient care,” said Chris Rubesch.
This agreement comes just two days after nurses at both Saint Luke’s and Essentia took their contract fight to the streets with an informational picket.

“Thanks to public pressure and pressure from other unions, we were able to have really constructive discussions with management about our concerns and we’re happy that we’ve reached a tentative agreement,” said Rubesch.

The contract includes nurses at Essentia Health-St. Mary’s Medical Center in Duluth and Superior, and Duluth’s Miller-Dwan Building.

In a statement, Essentia officials said both parties reached a mutually beneficial agreement.

“This is a really strong contract that puts patients and put nurses first”

The Minnesota Nurses Association still has to make the contract official.

But while nurses at Essentia are breathing a sigh of relief, nurses at St. Lukes still have to go back to the negotiating table in early September.

In a statement on Thursday, St. Luke’s said it’s looking forward the next scheduled negotiation and they’re optimistic that they will be able to reach a tentative agreement.

“The nurses here at Essentia are proud to stand in solidarity with nurses at St. Lukes, and continue to put pressure on management there to reach a similarly favorable deal with their patients and nurses,” said Rubesch.

The Minnesota Nurses Association plans to share more details of the tentative Essentia agreement with its members on Tuesday.


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