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Back-to-back: Bulldogs receive national championship rings

DULUTH, Minn. – For the second consecutive season, the UMD men’s hockey team is receiving some impressive finger jewelry.

The Bulldogs brought home their third national championship back in April, and were presented with their national championship rings on the ice at AMSOIL Arena on Wednesday night.

“We felt we had a pretty good team going into the year but you know there’s a lot of expectations and certainly it’s never smooth but our guys kind of stayed the course and I want these guys to really enjoy this because these things don’t come along and you never take them for granted and they should be excited and very proud of what they did,” said head coach Scott Sandelin.

As for the rings themselves, they’re slightly bigger than the 2018 rings, with a slightly different design.

“Such a special moment, special group to be done kind of thing, it kind of sucks to see it end and all over but if you had to choose how to end it, that’d be the way to go,” said former captain Parker Mackay.

The fun might not be over just yet for the rest of the team though. UMD returns a strong group for the 2019-2020 season, and have a shot to go for a three-peat.

“One on each finger… in my room, never leaving. They’ll collect some dust on them in a couple years. We’ll enjoy them tonight by tomorrow it’s time to turn the page and then it’s a new season,” said senior defenseman Nick Wolff.

“Like I said, we have the manpower to do it and we have the staff that is the best staff in the entire league. So yeah we’re very excited for this season and we have high expectations and hopefully we can fulfill them.”

Matt Halverson

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