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PBY Black Cats classic car and plane show utilizes new location

SUPERIOR, WI- The PBY Black Cats classic car and plane show took place in a new location on Saturday.

Those familiar with the show would know that in the past the show happened at the Duluth airport.
But this year the event took place at the Richard I. Bong memorial airport in Superior.

The Lake Superior Squadrons hanger faced damage and so the planes belonging to the squadron needed to move.

The executive officer of the squadron Dewayne Tomasek says these events are important because they give us a chance to look into the past.

“Preserving history, our whole mission is to educate and promote and restore and maintain flying antique military aircraft,” Tomasek said.

Money raised from the show will go towards 3 antique aircraft that the squadron is trying to rebuild into flying condition.

John Cardinale

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