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Late Korean War veteran arrives home

ASHLAND, WI–  A special homecoming, 69 years in the making took place in Ashland on Wednesday.

Family members, along with the community welcomed home the remains of U.S. Army Private Edward Morrison.

“I’d always thought he’s walk up to the door someday and knock on it, but he was missing in action,” said Morrison’s sister, Harriet Yachinich.

U.S. Army Private Edward Morrison was killed during the Korean War back in 1950 when he was just 19-years-old.

“He was in his foxhole and they shot him in the head, and then they just left him there,” said Ann Krouse, Morrison’s sister.

It made Morrison the first Wisconsin Army personnel to die in the war.

“That 69 years, you know, is gone,” said Morrison’s sister, Barbara Bjork.

But two months ago, Morrison’s family received a call they never thought they would, Morrison’s remains had been found on May 21.

“They just started checking to see who was in there– they dug them up– and they found him through DNA from our sister Bonney and our brother Joe,” said Yachinich.

And on Wednesday, Ashland community members lined the streets as a procession drove through town honoring the hometown hero.

“I never expected it to happen, so it was quite a surprise when it did, and shock, yes,” said Bjork.

Now being held at the Frost Home for Funerals, family members and members of the community have a bit more peace of mind Wednesday night knowing Morrison is back where he belongs.

On Friday, there will be a visitation from 4-7 p.m. at the Frost Home for Funerals.

And on Saturday, Morrison will be buried at Mount Hope Cemetery.


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CeCe Gaines

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