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Artist creates mural wall art in Twin Ports

[metaslider id=”170029″]DULUTH,MN– Singing and painting is Tom Napoli’s way of putting a smile on people’s faces.

He wanted to create something that will affect people,”Put a positive, happy feeling in their heart,” says Napoli.

A Duluth native, Tom started painting murals around the Twin Ports as a way to make his home town a more appealing place.

Napoli says, “Take pride in your neighborhood, take pride in where you are. Try to make it better…It ends up being more rewarding. ”

Tom has painted several murals on walls outside businesses and inside them.
This latest piece brings a feeling of old Italy to Ganucci’s.

Napoli has done work inside the restaurant in the past.

His work means more to his clients than you think, the Ganucci’s owner says he wouldn’t want anyone else to do the job.

Tom believes his art changes people for the better.

“No matter what mood somebody’s in, whether they’re happy, sad, depressed, anxious, nervous. Usually, when they see the murals I do they get a smile on their face.”

Tom says being able to create his art in a positive way feels like “heaven”.

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Emma Quinn

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