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Iron Range Legislator Joe Begich dies

EVELETH, MN- Long time Iron Range Legislator Joe Begich died Saturday morning, he was 89 years old.

Begich served as the mayor of Eveleth from 1965 to 1974 before he was elected to the House of Representatives for District 6A.

He served District 6A from 1975 to 1982.

In 1983 he served district 6B up until 1992.

Amy Klobuchar released a statement Saturday stating,” Today, with the passing of Joe Begich, Minnesota lost a longtime advocate and defender of the Iron Range, Labor, seniors and Minnesota’s working class families. Joe was dedicated to improving the lives of others and devoted many years to public service, first serving in the U.S. Army Infantry in Korea, then as Mayor of Eveleth and later as a Minnesota State Representative from 1975 to 1992.”

“I am proud to have had the opportunity to call Joe as a friend. I will always remember Joe as a champion for the Range and preserving Minnesota’s tradition of mining, education and health care. My thoughts are with his family, his friends, and the people of the Range whom he spent so much of his life fighting on behalf,” Klobuchar added.

Along with Klobuchar’s remarks St, Louis County also released a statement.

John Cardinale

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