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UMD celebrates science building grand opening

DULUTH, MN– After a close to $45 million investment, UMD finally unveiled a new addition to campus.

The Heikkila Chemistry and Advanced Materials Science Building was completed in January after 18 months of construction.

The three-floor building comes equipped with research labs, study areas, and even collaborative areas.

Officials said the building offers an opportunity for updated and modernized chemistry labs and the newly-created Advanced Materials Center.

Its design is also in contrast to traditional science buildings being that it’s a shared space between faculty and students.

“We really want to maximize their opportunity for success and this lets them learn in a state of the art facility. Also, inspires our faculty in how they teach their courses, and how they do their research,” said Joan Gabel, University of Minnesota president.

Classes will be held for the first time this fall.

CeCe Gaines

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