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Radinovich won’t run for Congress again

Democrat Joe Radinovich announced Friday he will not seek Minnesota’s 8th District congressional seat again in 2020.

Radinovich lost the 8th District election by more than 17,000 votes to republican Rep. Pete Stauber in November 2018.

He wrote, “While I believe that our country faces one of its most important elections in 2020, one that will determine whether our nation embraces a return to governing in pursuit of our founding principles of justice, equality, and freedom on behalf of all Americans, my most immediate priorities are at home, with my fiancée and our family as we plan our future together.”

“Minnesota’s 8th District is my home, and it deserves a representative who is an independent voice on behalf of those fighting to provide for themselves and their families in a rapidly changing economy. I’ll pledge my time and efforts in 2020 to the candidate who can best make sure that it gets one,” he continued.

Radinovich is a former Minnesota State House Representative.

After controversy earlier this year, Radinovich stepped down from a position with the IRRR.

The agency apparently gave Radinovich a six-figure salary, plus state benefits, for a position made specifically him, according to a report by the Ely Timerbjay. The state agency also allegedly skirted normal hiring protocols.

Minnesota’s 8th District seat will be up for election in 2020.

Stauber’s campaign team has continued fundraising efforts in the months since his election.

No democrats have announced a 2020 8th District campaign.

Briggs LeSavage

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