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Foundation set for new cell tower in Red Cliff

BAYFIELD,WI–An update on a project designed to bring better cell phone service to an area where tragedy struck.

Last October, four people from one family died when their kayak capsized in Lake Superior.

Their mom tried calling for help, but she didn’t have cell service.

To prevent that from happening again a new cell tower is going up on the Red Cliff Band’s reservation near Bayfield.

Today, we learned the foundation has been set, steel has arrived on-site, and the electrical wires are almost ready to be installed.

In the next few weeks, a construction crane will be shipped from Chicago to help assemble the tower.

Tribal officials say it will help everyone, but especially law enforcement.

Rick Peterson Chairman of the tribe says, “Even the police they get out in certain areas and they can’t even communicate with the dispatch, which is over in Washburn. And that creates you know a life or death situation.”

Officials say the tower will be up and running by October.

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Emma Quinn

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