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Community members to search for missing service dog-in-training Wednesday

DULUTH, MN– The search for a dog which is being trained to become a service dog will resume Wednesday night in Duluth.

A Duluth veteran, who is handicapped and served in the Vietnam War, lost his puppy who is training to become his service dog on July 30th when she ran off after hearing a loud noise.

The puppy, named Athena, is going through training to help veterans with PTSD and mobility issues.

For those wanting to participate in Wednesday’s search, you’re asked to meet at 6 p.m. in front of the Positively Third Street Bakery.

Searchers are asked to also bring hot dogs, beef jerky, or other strong-smelling meat in hopes to lure Athena out of hiding. You can also bring your dog to help out as well.

If you do see Athena, you’re asked to not chase or yell loudly at her, and she may not answer to her name, so you can try calling her “puppy”.

If you’ve seen her, you’re asked to call Amy with Pawsitively Superior Dog Training at 218-576-2796.

Krystal Frasier

Social Media and Digital Content Manager

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