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Roz Randorf

I am running for City Council because Duluth is my future.

I want to invest in that future and make a difference through service. I have the skills to listen and the ability to be proactive and intentional about seeking involvement from those who are marginalized.

I am a value-based candidate, possessing the compassion and patience to see issues from all sides.

Let’s  cut to the heart of the matter and focus on building Duluth’s local economy to create new living-wage jobs.

Let’s solve our affordable housing crisis. Let’s have streets we can drive on, sidewalks we can walk on and clean water to drink.  Let’s make our neighborhoods safe and secure for everyone. 

As a City Councilor, I will work hard to inspire new business growth and advocate for sustainable economic development to help our city and neighborhoods prosper. I will stay informed.

I will listen and keep the best interests of our community in mind so that we can make thoughtful decisions on behalf of everyone in the district.  I will welcome productive conversation and encourage transparency. 

Duluth is my forever home. It is a vibrant community full of opportunities and unmatched natural beauty. I am fully committed to work for you, listen to you and be your voice in the heart of the city – District 3.

Krystal Frasier

Social Media and Digital Content Manager

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