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John Socha

My vision for Duluth for the onset of the next decade insures the enrichment of all citizen’s lives.

With background in contracting and general construction, I will personally oversee the proper maintenance of our streets throughout the year.

Future Taxation will be eliminated.
An annual surplus budget of $10 million will be accumulated for weather related catastrophic events and emergency needs.
Provisions for  additional law enforcement personnel to combat the current drug epidemic and other crime in our communities will be implemented.
Should my vision be shared by the citizens, you will be enlisting the services of a veteran, one who volunteered when others were avoiding induction into the Armed Forces during the Vietnam War – a veteran with core values and intrinsic qualities. These intrinsic qualities of wisdom, sound judgment, and knowledge are gifts not given, but as with all seniors, these qualities are cast upon us with time and experience.

Krystal Frasier

Social Media and Digital Content Manager

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