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Henry Banks

I’m running for 3rd District Duluth City Council for the following reasons:

  1. Streets and sidewalks in Duluth are old, crumbling and deserve even more attention. Infrastructure funds must go directly to the intended use of those funds. Previous city administrations diverted infrastructure funds to other entities or projects and that is an unacceptable practice. A practice which cannot sustain itself.
  2. Duluth must develop what I call – A Fusion of Opportunities For All. Right now, there are too many people struggling in our city. The current unemployment rates for African Heritage and Native Heritage populations is 23 and 18 percent. Those rates are unsatisfactory and unsustainable and will continue to deplete our social and economic structures in this city.
  3. Our demographics our changing in America, the state of Minnesota and even in Duluth. City leadership does not show these changing demographics and it’s imperative that we as a city show and embrace these trends at least for the future our beautiful community.
  4. Community Policing must return to our neighborhoods. To have a powerful and trustworthy law enforcement department it has to intentionally and effectively interact with the citizenry that is relational rather punitive. Community policing has always been the right approach in cities large and small. We must also invest in more Social Workers at the Police Department Level. More and more people are experiencing mental health related concerns and Social Workers are necessary to help law enforcement people who do not have the necessary skills to aid people who may struggle with this debilitating medical issue.
  5. Duluth must make a Rent Control Ordinance. Current jobs and pay associates with those jobs do not match up with the unaffordable apartment rates people pay in this city. Rent Control could a viable option neighborhoods throughout our city.
  6. Livable Wage Jobs as the norm in our city.

Krystal Frasier

Social Media and Digital Content Manager

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