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Sven and Ole’s serves up pizza history

GRAND MARAIS, MN– Grand Marais is home to a famous restaurant.

Sven and Ole’s is known for making some the best pizza in the state.

Two men started the shop as a food stand in 1981 during the Fisherman’s Picnic.

Now, it’s a busy restaurant catering to locals and tourists alike.

Over the festival weekend, shift manager Brittney Franks says they’ll make between 400 and 500 pizzas a day, showing just how popular it really is.

“It’s actually really cool,” said Franks. “I didn’t realize how popular we were until I started working here and then I see the bumper stickers everywhere, everywhere I go and it feels good to be part of something that’s really big.”

One of the most popular pizzas is the North Shore Chicken Pesto, but staff say all of the pizzas on the menu are great.

Bonney Bowman

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