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Map highlights hiking trails near Grand Marais

GRAND MARAIS, MN– There are lots of outdoor activities to do in Grand Marais. One that’s growing in popularity is hiking.

A few miles outside of town, there’s a stretch of trail showing off the splendor of the Superior National Forest.

Guide Beth Poliquin takes the trail following the Devil Track River Gorge, which is hard to see through thick foliage.

Even though it’s close to Grand Marais, if you’re not from the area, it can be hard to find.

“From the highway there’s no indication that there’s a trail head here so the map is really helpful to know where you’re going,” said Poliquin.

The map she’s referencing is on the wall at Stone Harbor Wilderness Supply.

Owner Jack Stone says it was born out of necessity.

“I came up here a lot, and I could read the books, but still had no idea where I was going,” he said.

Stone had a hand it its design, with the goal of opening the trails to tourists and locals alike.

“We want to make this area a lot more user-friendly that what it’s, what I perceive it to have been,” said Stone.

Whether you use the map, or hire someone who knows almost every inch, like Beth, taking a walk in the woods outside Grand Marais will make a lasting impression.

“To introduce people to wilderness and to take people outside their comfort zone a little bit, there’s a connection that’s made and that is what I find most rewarding,” said Poliquin.

If you’re interested in seeing that map more closely, they’ve got copies for purchase at Stone Harbor Wilderness Supply in Grand Marais. It also has cross country ski trails marked on it.

Bonney Bowman

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