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Johns Hopkins launches Great Lakes hub

DULUTH, MN– One of the nation’s most prestigious hospital systems is opening a hub in Duluth.

Their goal: solving health issues impacting Native Americans.

The Johns Hopkins Center for American Indian Health is launching its Great Lakes hub right here in Duluth.

The center’s new hub will build upon existing partnerships with hundreds of tribal members across eleven Ojibwe Bands.

They hope this collaboration will advance research projects focusing on diabetes, substance use, mental disorders, and physical health issues.

Dr. Melissa Walls, an associate professor at the University of Minnesota has been chosen to lead the hub.

“The Center for American Indian Health at Johns Hopkins has a very impressive track record of getting programs into communities, and so this partnership is an awesome way for us to build on that momentum,” said Walls.

Walls says 104 researchers will be scattered across different reservations and reserves in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Canada.

CeCe Gaines

Multimedia Journalist

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