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CDC: 127 people sickened with salmonella due to pig ear dog treats

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Authorities say as of July 31, 137 people have been infected with strains of salmonella in 33 states after being in contact with recalled pig ear dog treats.

According to the CDC, public health and regulatory officials, as well as the FDA, are investigating the outbreak of multidrug-resistant Salmonella strains.

The illnesses started on dates from June 16 to July 6, and has affected people from ages of less than one year to 90 years.

Although no deaths have been reported, 26 people were known to be hospitalized.

In July, Pet Supplies Plus and Lennox Intl Inc recalled pig ear treats due to concerts of being contaminated with salmonella.

As of July 31, Michigan had 12 reports of Salmonella, Minnesota had one report, and Wisconsin had four cases.

Iowa had the most amount of reported cases, with 23.

The CDC and FDA are now advising pet owners not to buy or feed any kind of pig ear dog treats to pets, including those which are already in homes.

Humans can get sick after handling the treats, or after caring for dogs who ate the treats.

Dogs may also get sick after eating the treats, and owners are asked to throw the treats away in a secure container so dogs and other animals aren’t able to eat them.

Any containers, shelves and other areas which may have held the pig ear treats should be washed with hot, soapy water, and your hands should also be washed after handling any of those items.

Dogs with salmonella may not look sick, but usually have diarrhea, which may be bloody, or be more tired than usual, and may also vomit or have a fever.

Any pet which shows signs of salmonella should be treated by a veterinarian.

You can report complaints about pet food products by clicking here.

Krystal Frasier

Social Media and Digital Content Manager

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