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“Slow Poke” law takes effect Thursday

DULUTH,MN–A sigh of relief for many Minnesotans.

Starting Thursday, the “Efficient and Safe Slow Poke Law” will take effect.

That means driving too slow in the left lane could leave you with a ticket.

Resident Jennifer Wilck says, “I think it’s about time, I’ve seen it as a danger when the slower cars are in the left lane. Especially during rush hour traffic.”

Sergeant Neil Dickenson with the Minnesota State Patrol says under the new law people who drive slower than the speed limit, will be required to move over to the right lane in order to allow other drivers to pass.

Dickenson hopes this will prevent traffic buildups, he says, “The hope is that we’re going to keep traffic flowing at a smoother, steadier pace.”

Just because this law prevents you from going slow in the left lane it doesn’t mean you can go faster.

There is no law in Minnesota that allows drivers to break the speed limit, and all drivers should follow posted speed limit signs.

Dickenson says, “This law is not intended to increase speed limits. The speed limits are going to be the speed limits, so you still have to obey all the posted speed limits in that area.”

If you need to drive under the posted speed limit the new law means you need to move to the right lane or face up to a $130 fine.

Jill Holder a Minnesotan resident says, “Well, I think it’s a great idea. Because there are too many people that are going slow in the left-hand lane. And then causes the people behind them to want to go faster, over the speed limit.”

So starting Thursday Minnesota drivers will need to obey the speed limit or move over.

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Emma Quinn

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