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Options for relocation of Cross City trail go in front of community

DULUTH, MN- The conversation around the re-location of Duluth’s Cross City trail is picking up.

Wednesday the city held a meeting to discuss their options.

The trail will be impacted due to the “can of worms” project that is set to begin in 2020.

At the meeting, three alternative detour routes were revealed to the community.

Residents were welcome to weigh in on which route they thought was best.

Christopher Bower is an engineer working on the project and says creating a detour route that is effective is important.

“While that section of lower Michigan street and the existing cross-city trail is being impacted you can maintain a route through the city and work area for bicyclists and pedestrians,” Bower added.

Input from this meeting will help decide what detour route will go in place.

An additional meeting will take place Thursday, August 1st at 7:30 AM at 2402 W Michigan St, Duluth, MN.

John Cardinale

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