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Get Outdoors: Fishing Lake Superior

Fishing on Lake Superior requires a bit of experience and some special gear. In this week’s Get Outdoors Meteorologist Adam Lorch found a boat captain to take him out and show him the ropes.
On a beautiful and sunny morning, we head out on to the water.
Bryan Altendorf, the Captain and my fishing guide for the day, said “We’re gonna try to get out into 90 to 180 feet of water. Just see what we can find. Maybe get some Lakers or maybe get some coho off of the surface.”

Captain Bryan Altendorf, has been fishing his whole life.
As the Captain explains, we are going to try a bit of everything to get a fish on the end of a line.
“We’re going to troll with some downrigger’s. We’re going to use some dipsy. And we’re going to go with some planer boards too, so we’re gonna try everything.” said Altendorf.
I’ve never used any of these techniques before, so his first mate, Matt explains what the planer boards do…
Matt said, “The release clip, when the fish takes the bait it’ll pull the line out of it essentially all make it so its not true any longer and it will make it so the planer board will go from whichever side it is on the boat straight back towards the end of the boat because were trolling. So it was essentially straighten itself out, that’s how you know you have a fish.”
Lines are in the water, but the water temperatures are what the captain is looking for now.
“On the downrigger, we actually have a fishhawk which is a tool that will actually tell me the water temperature at however deep we are. So we can find where that thermocline is and get to the right temperature.” said Altendorf.
Captain Bryan says the water temperatures are a bit behind right now. But they have been getting some luck.
“Right now we seem to be catching the fish in the top 30 feet of water. Which is not super normal at this time but it seems like that is happening.” said Altendorf.
This is usually the part of the story I show you the big catch, but unfortunately the wind picked up and we had to head in. Next time, Lake Superior, Next time…

Meteorologist Adam Lorch

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